Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Family's Christmas Celebration

Traditional Filipino Family Way Of Christmas Celebration

I'd like to share with you a traditional Filipino way of Christmas celebration. You can normally see families flocking to the malls during the Holiday season particularly during Christmas season. I am a work at home mom working online with legitimate online work as freelance provider. However, as you can see, I have a decent amount of time to spend with my family during special occasions such as Christmas and soon new Year's eve. Not to mention, I prepared and cooked all the foods during our Noche Buena or the dinner at 12 midnight. The picture above was taken when me and my family shops for gifts and we had a great time relaxing and enjoying quality time in the mall.

I have a very special spot  in my heart for this picture, this is my husband doing the Christmas wreath. His labor of love, his idea of making a wreath using our old decorations. Every year I decorate our home to get the dainty and festive spirit of  the Christmas season. My beloved husband is the one with a creative ideas in making breath-taking designs for the Christmas lights, color scheme, ornaments and designs while I am taking care of the Christmas tree design and theme each year. However, for the past years I have to do it with the help of my wonderful kids since my husband is away. 

My specialty is making a yearly grand and magical-looking Christmas tree. Each year I have to think of  innovative contrivance and decorating for the Holiday season is my family's favorite bonding time. Truly home decoration ideas and particularly the exchange of ideas among friend and families bring the ties closer as it signifies the care within.

Christmas time is also a time to think of non-traditional ways of wrapping Christmas gifts. The pictures above is my daughter's work. My kids would always excitingly wait for the clock to strike 12:00 midnight for our family tradition of opening Christmas gifts. I shop for gifts alone and have to wrap it alone in my room. In this way, my kids excitement for what's inside stays in flame.

I got my Ed Hardy sun glasses from my husband! I've been dying to get one and now I have it, it took me by surprise!

My own recipe of lasagna is a certified hit among my kids. This one only lives 30 minutes after it was served!

Who would ever forget to seal the celebration with the famous and tasty lechon or whole roast hog? This is the newly cooked lechon  not set yet on the formal dining table (please bear for the blurred pics, I have to crop and resize it).

My husband makes our Christmas celebration as grand as it can be because he has to endure working abroad just to give us life's convenience and comfort. Luvia baby!

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