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How To Get Started At Ebay And Earn Money

Becoming an eBay seller can give you a lot of money. There are thousands of sales made in a day, making eBay a potential place for sellers. You can still consider starting an eBay business if you want to join to earn some part-time income or to start running your new full-time business online.
But there are questions that need to be addressed with carefully. These include how to get started at ebay? Where to get your stocks from? The proper steps to build a business with a PowerSeller status? I am hoping to pave the way of giving you the answer and clear ideas on how to build your online business at eBay. 
Signing up on eBay is easy and it is free, so you can just visit eBay and sign up. When done, I am recommending selling your personal items that are of no use to you at all, just to get the feel of what is selling at eBay is like without costing you a few dollars. Before venturing to reselling stocks, equip your self  with basic online selling skills which is important.
Do not forget that you need at least a computer and a digital camera. A scanner maybe good but scanning photographs is costly and time consuming, not good for a starter. Having a camera with a 640x480 resolution is good. If you've already got one, though, and would rather not buy a digital camera 'til you've explored this business of eBay selling, it's the least expensive way to go.

Why that resolution? Because a lower resolution results in low quality pictures and less likely to get bids and you don't want that for sure.Besides, few people will take a risk on something that isn't well represented in a photograph. On the other hand, a resolution higher than 640x480 may result in pictures that will take long to show up and will probably bore your prospective buyers and people won;t waste time waiting for your pictures. Remember, there are lots of competition at eBay!

The next thing you need to do is to make your eBay research. Research is an essential key to your ebay success. Research will uncover you three important things that will directly affect your eBay sales. It will give you an idea on the market availability of your desired items to sell, it's worth and the competition it has at ebay.

Let's assume that you want to sell computer games as there is a huge market for it. However, you need to consider that there are hundreds of games available that you could sell at Ebay, but not knowing which ones are selling you could lose money buying the wrong stock. This is how important a research could be. 
Not that you have figure out what to sell, the next important thing to know then is where to get your stocks from. You cannot just ask anybody where to get it from for it is like giving away the keys to their business. 
Many sellers on online auction sites, such as eBay, often drop ship. This is done when a seller will list an item as new and ship the item directly from the wholesaler to the highest bidder. You will then profit from the difference between the winning bid and the wholesale price, less any selling and merchant fees from the auction site. You are allowed by eBay to list items that are currently not in your  own possession, provided that youfollow eBay's policy on pre-sale itemsAffiliate marketing can also be compared to drop shipping. As with drop shipping, affiliate marketing allows a website to list an item for sale that is not on hand but rather is shipped through a third party.
Descriptions are very important when you want your items to be sold. As much as possible describe the item in detail - even every little flaw that you can find. It is much better to be told that someone is pleased because the item was in better condition than expected or described than to receive bad feedback or complaints that you neglected to mention something. Sometimes it has seemed to me that I got more and higher bids for my items listed with all their flaws and warts than others received for an identical item described in glowing terms! Details such as color, size, weight as well as features should not be overlooked. 
Don't forget to use buzz words in your titles like "Medieval" "Gothic" "Shabby" "Country" "Vintage" "Retro" "Antique" - any that apply to your item. However, be careful not to use trademarked words such as "shabby chic" unless you're selling a Rachel Ashwell item as that term is trademarked and as such is only allowed when it refers to a genuine article by Rachel Ashwell. (The same goes for brand names such as Chanel, Hermes, Guess, etc. - those may only be used in a title if you're selling a genuine item - not a comparable one).
Buy it Now is a nice feature which can be used at eBay. Before you list a "Buy it Now" price, be sure that you aren't underselling your item. The point is, make sure that your buy it now price should be at least a few dollars more than your minimum bid, otherwise you could be selling for less than your item may be worth to someone.
When it comes to payment method, it's easier to stick with money orders/cashiers checks/personal checks but Paypal is a good easy option if you plan to sell quite a lot and want the ability to accept credit cards. There has been some controversy over security with Paypal and eBay, but if you're savvy and follow that guidelines closely on both sites, you should be fine. Buyers and sellers on eBay should be certain they are verified by Paypal in order to protect themselves. Also, NEVER click on a link within an email purporting to be from Paypal or eBay - and should you get such an email asking you to update information, forward it immediately to or
Building a good feedback is an important part of being a good seller at eBay. It will set you apart from the rest as being a dedicated and honest seller. And the faster your score climbs, the closer you get to attaining PowerSeller status.Are you ready now to start your online business and generate a home-based income?

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Push Button Cash Site Review (Scam Uncovered)

What Is a Push Button Cash Site?

Push Button Cash Site is a relatively new product intended to make Google friendly websites in a matter of minutes. The basic function of Push Button Cash Site software is to collect high quality contents for your website to make your it a dominant one to search engines and the visitors. It has the capacity to publish articles on your site as well as add videos, making it appear so authoritative and constantly updated. 

Possessing high quality and unique contents with regular content updates will attract Google search engine and will then be rank. Traffic will be pouring in days. As more and more content is published the traffic will correspondingly increase. The best part of the Push Button  Cash Site is its ability to process keywords from you and it will precisely insert articles and videos related to those keywords on your site. The traffic being generated won't be that miraculously huge but huge enough to getting few hundreds of visitors in a day.

Aside from the Push Button Cash Site software, it also boasts of training videos on how to properly use the software in order to generate a good amount of cash and on how to optimize  your site further to get much better results.

The Push Button Cash Site's first training module is centered on how to pick out the proper niche to target. Daniel Young is effectively teaching the right keyword selection method from various keyword tools so as to get high traffic with a minimal competition keywords to make it more easy for you.

Right after proper niche selection been taught, the second module is focused on getting your hosting account and your own domain and then the steps on how to setup the domain on the hosting account. Actually, this module seemed so basic, however, if you have no idea at all particularly the newbies, this is such a very helpful one and you'll learn how to do in no time at all.

The third module is where Daniel Young teaches you on how to install wordpress on your site. This step is very easy too that being a beginner is not of importance at all as you can do it easily after seeing the video. The second  part of this video takes you to the different settings of the wordpress blog to make it ready to yield your dreamed monthly income for you.

The fourth module of the Push Button Cash Site is about setting up different sites on a single domain to take advantage of the keyword rich URL that Google is interested with and rank easily on the top places.

In the fifth module of the training video is on the process of installing the push button cash site software onto your wordpress blog. By then you're good to go and start getting quality contents for your site automatically. You will learn how to properly use the software to get content and monetize it to get results.

The last module of push button cash site you will learn how to monetize your blog to earn good amount of money from it. He is giving some handful tips here on how to use a couple of wordress plugin to optimize your adsense ads to get better income. You will also learn how to put clickbank ads on your blog to earn affiliate commissions from it without any effort.

Definitely, you'll be geting your money's worth with the Push button Cash Site software. The training in push button cash site has the potential to give you a decent income while working at home. It is your ticket to make money on permanently  if you follow the course exactly. This is not for advance level people or for those who are making more than $1,000 online, this is designed to make small home business go big, newbie internet marketers and for full-time Moms who want to augment her family weekly earnings. This Push button Cash Site course can make you a few hundred dollar each week for an inexperience online marketer or home based job wannabes. So I really recommend you to go ahead and get the push button cash site course.

Click Here to Download Push Button Cash Site 60 Days Trial

Independent Free Mass Traffic Review For Internet Marketers

Do You Need Free Mass Traffic Software?

When you are into Internet Marketing for whatever niche you might have, every online business desire to get free traffic and this is what everyone is going nuts about. Free Mass Traffic software is designed to give you exactly what you want FREE Traffic! The creator of this software claimed to have done several time consuming and costly research and the end product is this powerful tool that can make online business owners go to high that can satisfy your need for traffic or website visitors.

Who Is The Creator Of Free Mass Traffic Software?

The Free Mass Traffic Software is created by an internet marketer Adeel Chowdhry from UK. He started his own online business who started his online business after he had saved enough money working common low profile jobs including working in McDonalds, Warehouse and for DHL. Adeel Chowdry also worked as JV partner for numerous vendors, he created some products too that helped his ventre partners. With hard work and dedication he successfully written his name on the wall of fame of internet marketing.      

Adeel Chowdry didn’t focus on a specific niche, instead he conquered many niches and achieved success in most of them. He created some lucrative products such as:Sales Letter Creator,Instant Software Profits,Get Google Ads Free Videos,My Software Business (with Bobby Walker),Mass Article Control,Hyper Facebook Traffic (with Bobby Walker).
Now, Adeel is teaming up with Chris Allen to give us their newest product Free Mass Traffic.

fmtmember Free Mass Traffic Review

How Can Free Mass Traffic Tool Help You?

Huge numbers of internet marketers have asked this question. Going back to the foundation ot the basis why this tool became the brainchild of Adeel Chowdry, it is because of his desire to give a solution to the most pressing problem internet marketers commonly encounter along its journey to success, getting the sought after traffic.This is what Free Mass Traffic is set to do for you. Is Free Mass Traffic a scam? This is an unavoidable question for anybody who wants his hard earned money be put to good use. Let’s face it most people who are just starting to earn money from the Internet often are very confused about how to effectively drive traffic to their websites. Most of them also do not have a list and therefore do not have instant sources of traffic like what the gurus have. Driving traffic to any website is your biggest concern that any online business owner feel just the same too. This I believe will be addressed for by the Free Mass Traffic software.

Free Mass Traffic automates the method of generating traffic to your websites. When I say automates a method, I am talking about helping you get the traffic that you need and does not mean doing a miracle because that would be a straight fallacy. Earning money online is a not done through get rich quick scheme and I don’t think anybody believes in magic anymore, if you do, then it’s your own fault,

The idea of the Free Mass Trafficis plain and simple,: if you want to dominate search engines and be on the first page of Google then all you need to do is to make many backlinks to your page as you can. This is such  a boring and tiring process when done manually varying from web 2 directories submission, profile building, blog commenting, article submitting and much more and this may take you many months to rank for that keyword, right?

What if you can automate one process of the above? Sure, this will save you huge time and you may even do this method only and neglect the rest as you can do it automatically and so you can do it countless times. And here comes Free Mass Traffic, It does exactly what I just said, automates 3 method of link building (RSS submitter, Directory submitter “big list” and social bookmarking submitter).


This software automates only one method and this will leave many types of traffic generation systems untapped and if you are new to IM, then you might not excel in them BUT don’t worry, I’ve covered that in my Free Mass Traffic Bonus. You will find many courses to learn more about SEO and traffic generation methods and also many courses on how to use this traffic to make money.


It saves your time and effort to do such submissions as I said above and so, better rankings in search engines and accordingly more traffic.


If you are planning to dominate search engines with the least possible effort and time, then might want to consider the need of having Free Mass Traffic to help you tackle this problem and improve your results in driving traffic as it contains a big list of rss and directories to submit your pages to and some but not much social bookmarking sites. So, for $37 it’s really a decent piece of software.

I hope my Free Mass Traffic review has enlightened you some on crucial issues that need to be addressed clearly.

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Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage

I find this independent review for Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage very helpful for a newbie home-based job enthusiast who longs to make money fast. Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage a new software and training module from Imran S and Kieran Gill . It will painstakingly show you how to build websites targeted at local businesses and spin them for a considerable profit. 

The creators of this one have been using a new and two separate method to monetize high quality FREE traffic for quite some time now. In fact, it is making huge wave in the internet today. 

This software primarily helps you in finding loop holes in the internet marketing space to generate good money rather huge traffic that they are mitigating. This method is called “Local Search Arbitrage”. In layman terms, it is about building web properties in the local/offline marketing space in areas that are untapped yet with high demand and reselling them to local businesses for huge profits. The Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage Software amazingly automates the time consuming research phrase of the method. Software automates it in just 5 minutes.

The Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage system let’s you find city and business domain names just by entering the city. When you choose all of the business types, the system will discover a list of the available domains. When you opt to buy the “elite pro” advance, you will have access to more business type keywords.

The Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage package contains complete video training that show you the step by step process on how to install the software and use it immediately.

Bad points:

Honestly, I am not sure if the price isn’t too low! This software is great, but what if too many people will start using it?

Good points:

Extreme Traffic Arbitrage works and it being inexperience does not matter at all. Implementing the system precisely as instructed will make you money. As a work at home Mom I once was looking for a good system that will unchain me of the tedious tasks yet essential to my online survival. I know exactly the feeling of finding the right method for me and spare me from scam that will just drain my hard earned money and will further disappointment my home-based job journey.

*This software let’s you to set up multiple pipeline of income
*While I recommend you pick up the bonus package to help your overall understanding of internet marketing you certainly don’t need to. Everything you need to make money from scratch is in the Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage already.
*Anyone can use it as it is presented simply. being new to afffiliate marketing or being a veteran of it does not matter either.


As of the moment I have not uploaded the full training completely yet, so I can’t further make an evaluation on the quality of it. However the entire package is promising. One effective strategy to make money online quickly is by flipping domains. Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage will help do it the right way coupled with the training. There is no ground or basis at all why a stable income can not be made. One advantage of this method is that saturation is completely out of the picture due to the fact that there are quite a huge number of cities and businesses globally that can be targeted.

Your timely action on whether you want to advance and be among the top league of top affiliate marketers is in your hand. Life is the sum of all your choices...and click here if you want to make the right choice.

Home Based Mom's Top 5 Internet Marketing Tools for Home Based Jobs

Internet marketing which is also popularly known in several terms such as: digital marketing, web marketing, online marketing, or e-marketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet. Internet marketing has a very broad scope because it not only refers to marketing on the Internet, it also includes marketing done via e-mail and wireless media. Digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) systems are also often grouped together under internet marketing.

Internet marketing is considered cost efficient when checking the ratio of cost to reach the target audience. Entrepreneurs can conveniently  reach a wide audience for a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets. The nature of  internet marketing permits consumers to browse and to purchase products and services with just a click of the mouse. It gives businesses the platform to interact and reach to consumers in a medium that brings results quickly. The strategy and overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns depend on business goals and cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis.

Here is a list of  Top 5 Internet Marketing Softwares for Home Based Moms and Dads:

1) CB Mass Money Maker -  CB Mass Money Maker is an online course that introduces new concepts and a step by step affiliate marketing system for generating commissions online. It is designed in a way that anyone can learn from it easily and make a residual income online with it. Here's an independent review of the Mass Money Maker here.

2) FREE Mass Traffic -  The Free Mass Traffic software automates only a single method leaving several types of  traffic generation systems untouched and if you are not so familiar with IM, then you might not excel in them BUT Free Mass Traffic Bonus got it all covered for you. There are plenty of courses given for you to learn more about SEO and traffic generation methods and how to maximize this traffic to make money as quick as possible. Read my comprehensive Free Mass Traffic Review here.
3) Push Button Cash SitePush Button Cash Site is basically a new product customized to make Google friendly websites within minutes. The main part of the Push Button Cash Site product is the specialized
software  that collects high quality contents for your website that ensure your site to be an authority to search engine and your visitors. Read Push Button Cash Site Review here.

4) Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage - The Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage software helps you in find loop holes in the internet marketing sphere to generate good money .The method is called “Local Search Arbitrage”. It’s about building web properties in the local/offline marketing space in areas that are not crowded with competition yet in high demand and reselling them to local businesses for huge profits. Software completely automates the time consuming research phrase of the method. Software automates it in to a 5 minute process. Read a factual review here.

5) Auto Coupon Cash The is about utilizing an automation software on searching coupons to make  easy money online. It's like you want to save money by spending less.  You can now MAKE money by helping others SAVE through Auto Coupon Cash.

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Review About Matt Bacak and Alen Sultanic’s Mass Money Makers

So, Mass Money Makers has just launched and it seems like everyone is on board, this is created by Matt Bacak and Allen Sultanic.

Matt Bacak is a popular internet marketer who has developed a numerous products which make millions. Matt has received the Internet Marketer of the year 2010, so that's one thing you should be considering on what this guy has to offer having such feat is not ordinary.
Allen Sultanic is also an equally recognized personality in Internet Marketing area. Just like Matt, Allen has created products that grossed millions in sales. His latest top-selling product is Commission Formula Blueprint and got a huge positive reviews. 
So, What Is Mass Money Makers?
Mass Money Makers is a very helpful product for newbies who yearn to advance in the internet marketing arena. There are basically 3 levels of the program that are carefully presented in videos.
Mass Money Makers employs a simple concept that actually works …this concept is what lets you rank on first page of Google within 2 to 3 weeks for almost any keyword you choose… then how to use those rankings and get them to build big lists…which after are piped thru “mass money funnels” and the final result is money.
Yes, it is amazingly simple, yet so powerful.They have further simplified it into 4 main videos which are 2 to 3 hours each, wherein they break down everything in detail.
However, they have inserted their own effective twist on article marketing and also introduced a unique software to automate everything. You see lots of people do article marketing but not all are doing it right.
Matt Bacak is an expert at article marketing and he did many tests and discovered the way to receive the best results from article marketing. As Matt says, he is utilizing this technique to drive thousands of website visitors to his sites as well as building his mailing list in the thousands.
You'll receive step by step video course, that will show you the whole process, and the software to automate the tasks. The course has 3 Modules:
 Here are what you are suppose to learn:
Module 1.
* Overview of The Mass Money Makers course and why it’s so effective
* The ultimate way to beat the SERPs in under 2 weeks
* How the recent change in Google will help you to actually dominate like never before…
* What keywords you must target with accuracy
* Exactly in which niches to jump into – the ones that actually the money is
* The proper mindset that you should have entering this process
* How to drive tons of targeted traffic to build big mailing lists
* Why it is extremely important to build an email list.
* The few affiliate networks to join and why

Module 2
* The actual tools and resources you need to make the system work. (some are paid).
*The introduction to the “Mass Money Funnel” and just how it makes a lot of money…
* The most significant component of making money online – Email Marketing and why their method will continue to work for years to come
* How to enhance conversion utilizing the “user intent model” (the easiest way to find out what people want)
* How to create good autoresponder messages that actually get opened… and clicked!
* How to structure your messages in order to get the end user to take the action you want them to
* How to create simple mass money makers websites that take the top of the search engines in rocket time.
* How you can dominate the entire first page of search engine results to drive lots of traffic into your mass money funnel.
Module 3.
* How to automate the work of building your Mass Money Machines
* What is Geographic Arbitrage and why it works
* You will get a complete guide to finding the best outsourcer to accomplish most or all of the tasks
* All the questions you need to ask and the test you should perform to find an outsourcer
* The straightforward steps you need to have your sites ranking high in the search engines to receive loads of targeted traffic
* How to put all the steps of the Mass Money Makers system together and start sales to increase your profits.
You will also receive a ultra profitable software that will allow you send a lot of super qualified traffic to your site with a simple click of your mouse!
The Good About Mass Money Makers
Going through the Mass Money Makers course, I can point out that this program can help many people to have their online business up and running and earn some real money online. The foundation are article marketing and email marketing. You will learn how to build small mass money makers sites which will rank very well in the search engines, having lots of traffic, subscribers and sales. A long run business which will just get bigger and better.
Something else I like about Mass Money Makers is the fact that they begin with the basis and then progress. This is actually perfect for folks who get confused quickly.
The Bad About Mass Money Makers
What I don’t like about the program is that you can’t rewind the videos. You are able to just start the video and after that pause it. Which may be discouraging as the videos are really long and when you skip a part you would need to start from the beginning.
Also, it is necessary to note that the methods presented in Mass Money Makers program are not really new, even they are so efficient.
My Final Thoughts
I like the Mass Money Makers course and i believe that if you wish to start running an internet business which will make money, then this program will allow you to. But, take into account that you have to put in some work in order to collect the benefits.
In case you are looking for a magic button to push, then this isn’t the product for you. I want to be clear and honest with you. All things are laid out in very simple terms into the Mass Money Makers program and the creators will take you step-by-step through the system. Therefore it is actually your decision to take action in making their system work for you!
Mass Money Makers isn’t a get rich quick system. If you are a person which jump from course to course and wish that might be a magic bullet then you need to step away from this product. And also, in case you are already and enthusiastic internet marketer making 1000s of dollars online, you don’t need this program too.
Hope that this Mass Money Makers review will be a real help for you to decide if the product is for you or not.

So, my final thought, go and check out Mass Money Makers! It’s a good product, that really works.

When they first opened the doors, they said the software would be limited. I just got an update from them and as of now they only have 17 spots left!

Comprehensive Rite Aid Store Guide

Are You Unfamiliar to Rite Aid Shopping?

Snagging sweet deals and locking onto great freebies resulting from numerous FREE after Single Check rebate items makes Rite Aid an amazing shopping store! Lend me a little of your time as I am introducing you to my simple Beginners Guide aimed at keeping you on the right path to becoming a great Rite Aid shopper!

Beginner’s Guide to Rite Aid Shopping:

Single Check Rebates (SCR)

Rite Aid boasts of a very user-friendly Single Check Rebate program! It is primarily buying some participating Single Check Rebate items, then you have to submit your receipts online and receive a check in the mail! Subsequently, these rebates will let you reap items for FREE and sometimes, you can make money! Yes that's right, you can make money by making a purchase on some items!
If you haven't sign up for this program and wants to be part of it, you’ll first have to go here and register. Each month, all on going Single Rebate items are listed in a new in-store rebate booklet which is released every month.You can go here and browse through the rebate offers online. Do not forget to consider that some Single Check Rebates are valid for a week only, while some are offered for the entire month. So be sure to watch for the dates closely for each participating Single Check Rebate item.
As you go through the weekly ad, you’ll be able to see advertised Single Check Rebate items. Mostly items will have a limit of one, but there are a few that will have a limit of two or sometimes five, if you get lucky! A good number of Single Check Rebate items end up being FREE once you get a rebate. Here's an example, if an item is $2.99 and qualifies for a $2.99 Single Check Rebate, then after you have gotten the rebate it is as good as FREE! A better option is using a manufacturer coupon, in addition to the rebate, this will make you score a money maker deal!
While you regularly buy every month, you better save your receipts and enter them online all at once at the end of the rebate program period which falls in the end of each month in most cases.You can also enter your individual receipts each time you make a purchase throughout the month, the option is yours. The number of receipts to enter is limitless.In my case, I use this option as there is lesser chances of losing receipts or forgetting to enter it. You can request your rebate by clicking the Request Rebate button at the end of the month. However, Do NOT click this button if you plan to purchase more are Single Check Rebate items before the end period of each rebate program as Rite Aid ONLY allows one submission per household.
Upon submission of your receipts online, it oftentimes takes a week or less before the rebate items are entered into your account. If you encounter any problems, call the Rite Aid Single Check Rebate Customer Care number for assistance: 1-888-213-9920 (8 AM – 7PM EST) or you can use the contact help form here.

Rite Aid Store Coupons

* Store coupons are located in Rite Aid’s weekly ad, and these store coupons can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for even more savings.
* Rite Aid offers a Video Values Program. Basically, you spend a few seconds or minutes watching various video advertisements – and, for doing so, you earn video credits. These credits can then be used to print Rite Aid coupons! Once you earn 20 video credits, you’ll get a bonus $5 off $20 in-store purchase couponNote:This offer is not available every month. Video Values coupons can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for even more savings! Go here to check out the Video Values Program.
* Rite Aid also has a Total Purchase Coupons program! You can sometimes find these coupons and! Total Purchase Coupons are awesome because you can use them prior to using any manufacturer coupons and/or store coupons AND you can use them to purchase Single Check Rebate items! By handing over Total Purchase Coupons first, you can easily score lots of FREE items and make quite a bit of money too (especially if you’re purchasing FREE after Single Check Rebate items)!

Rite Aid Wellness Program

To be one of the great Rite Aid shoppers, you'd certainly want to join the free Rite Aid Wellness program. As a Wellness member, you can earn great money-savings rewards including:
* Member-only pricing – Click here to view the current Wellness offers.
* 10% off Rite Aid Brand products every day – You must present your Wellness card at checkout to receive this discount.
* 24/7 access to a pharmacist – Just call 1-800-RITEAID.
* Earn one point for every dollar you spend on non-prescription purchases – Excluded are: cigarettes, alcohol, gift cards, online purchases, lottery tickets, licenses, money orders, money transfers, prepaid cards, stamps, and other mail services
* Earn 25 points for every prescription you purchase - Prescriptions filled in NY/NJ are not eligible.
And the more points you earn, the more rewards you get…
* Every 125 points – a one-time 10% off shopping pass
* 500 points – 10% off on all non-prescription points purchases everyday
* 500 points – free health screenings (Members will receive a certificate good for one free blood glucose and total cholesterol health screening at Quest Diagnostics or an equivalent service.)
* 1,000 points – 20% off on all non-prescription points purchases every day

+UP Rewards Program

One of the biggest perks of being a Rite Aid Wellness member is the fact that you can take advantage of the+Up Rewards Program. The +UP Reward program is an incentive program that allows manufacturers to provide a +UP Reward to consumers for buying a specific product and/or specific number of products. Each week, different items, which generate a +UP Reward, are advertised in the store circular. (This program is very similar to the Walgreens Register Reward program.) An +UP Reward is a coupon or a number of coupons that print at the bottom of your receipt and can be used on your NEXT purchase. Each advertised +UP Reward is limited to one per Wellness card (unless otherwise stated). Keep in mind that you MUST give the cashier your Wellness card or the phone number, associated with your Wellness card, prior to the items being scanned in order to be eligible for the +UP Reward(s). And here’s the best part: There is no limit to the number of +Up Rewards redeemed in a single transaction as long as the pretax total is greater than the combined value of the +UP Rewards. For easy understanding, it’s best to think of these rewards as gift cards with two exceptions: (1) You cannot leave a balance on +UP Rewards and (2) You cannot use +UP Rewards to purchase items less than the value of the +UP Reward.

Rite Aid Corporate Coupon Policy

The Rite Aid Coupon Policy is carefully written to be very detailed and informative as possible! It is highly recommended that you print a copy of this policy and bring it with you when you shop. If issues arise, the Coupon Policy will certainly help clear things up!

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