Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Push Button Cash Site Review (Scam Uncovered)

What Is a Push Button Cash Site?

Push Button Cash Site is a relatively new product intended to make Google friendly websites in a matter of minutes. The basic function of Push Button Cash Site software is to collect high quality contents for your website to make your it a dominant one to search engines and the visitors. It has the capacity to publish articles on your site as well as add videos, making it appear so authoritative and constantly updated. 

Possessing high quality and unique contents with regular content updates will attract Google search engine and will then be rank. Traffic will be pouring in days. As more and more content is published the traffic will correspondingly increase. The best part of the Push Button  Cash Site is its ability to process keywords from you and it will precisely insert articles and videos related to those keywords on your site. The traffic being generated won't be that miraculously huge but huge enough to getting few hundreds of visitors in a day.

Aside from the Push Button Cash Site software, it also boasts of training videos on how to properly use the software in order to generate a good amount of cash and on how to optimize  your site further to get much better results.

The Push Button Cash Site's first training module is centered on how to pick out the proper niche to target. Daniel Young is effectively teaching the right keyword selection method from various keyword tools so as to get high traffic with a minimal competition keywords to make it more easy for you.

Right after proper niche selection been taught, the second module is focused on getting your hosting account and your own domain and then the steps on how to setup the domain on the hosting account. Actually, this module seemed so basic, however, if you have no idea at all particularly the newbies, this is such a very helpful one and you'll learn how to do in no time at all.

The third module is where Daniel Young teaches you on how to install wordpress on your site. This step is very easy too that being a beginner is not of importance at all as you can do it easily after seeing the video. The second  part of this video takes you to the different settings of the wordpress blog to make it ready to yield your dreamed monthly income for you.

The fourth module of the Push Button Cash Site is about setting up different sites on a single domain to take advantage of the keyword rich URL that Google is interested with and rank easily on the top places.

In the fifth module of the training video is on the process of installing the push button cash site software onto your wordpress blog. By then you're good to go and start getting quality contents for your site automatically. You will learn how to properly use the software to get content and monetize it to get results.

The last module of push button cash site you will learn how to monetize your blog to earn good amount of money from it. He is giving some handful tips here on how to use a couple of wordress plugin to optimize your adsense ads to get better income. You will also learn how to put clickbank ads on your blog to earn affiliate commissions from it without any effort.

Definitely, you'll be geting your money's worth with the Push button Cash Site software. The training in push button cash site has the potential to give you a decent income while working at home. It is your ticket to make money on permanently  if you follow the course exactly. This is not for advance level people or for those who are making more than $1,000 online, this is designed to make small home business go big, newbie internet marketers and for full-time Moms who want to augment her family weekly earnings. This Push button Cash Site course can make you a few hundred dollar each week for an inexperience online marketer or home based job wannabes. So I really recommend you to go ahead and get the push button cash site course.

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