Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Is Data Entry and Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is the method of extracting information into a database. Traditionally done by people called data entry providers by typing it through data-entry forms designed to make the process simpler. Data entry is also the process of transferring written or printed data to accepted form by keying it character by character.

Data entry provider are people that work exclusively for data entry tasks, while others, like programmers, might have to occasionally enter data.Since the onset of computers and since typing was invented, the need to collect and neatly present documents has required stable demand for data entry skilled individuals.

Good and fast typists, especially those who are also excellent at 10-key typing are the most likely to qualify for data entry positions. However, many online job enthusiasts like myself  are not terrific typists but still plow their way through the data entry world through determination and willingness to learn.

Data entry providers are able to read off longhand or typewritten documents, and must be accurate, for spreadsheets or for documentation that will be published or printed, clerical errors can result in misinformation or embarrassing errors.

Today's data entry doesn’t need to take place in an office or workplace as the demand of informations systems that require stream of data is constantly increasing. Many people also called as online providers or freelancers work out of their homes entering data, transcribing medical information, or updating websites — especially websites that offer merchandise. A large number of telecommuting data entry jobs are available which provide people with an excellent way to have a flexible schedule.

For individuals who want to join the data entry field you should be on the look out for “scam” offers, which promise data entry work if you pay a certain amount. Although there are many of these scams on the Internet, there are many legitimate data entry jobs available through reputable freelance sites that don’t require a fee, one of them is

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How To Create An Impressive oDesk Profile

Fill up everything in your resume – Buyers don’t like seeing blank boxes in your profile page especially your resume tab. Always make sure that you fill every bit of important information that you can show off in your profile page. Certifications, Work Experience and Educations are very important one so make sure you don’t miss out on this.

Write an Impressive Objective and Primary Role – One of the first things employers notice on your profile page. A well written one will surely catch any employers' attention even with tons of candidates for them to review.

List Down All Of Your Skills - Are you fast and great at typing? Are you a Microsoft Excel wizard? Can you create stunning graphics in Adobe Photoshop? Do you program database-driven websites with PHP and MySQL? All of these are skills that you can list here. However, don't overdo on the skills - anticipate your audience and only list relevant skills to your target audience. I'll let you in on a little secret, too - they're also keywords that will point buyers to your profile when they perform searches!

Show off your portfolio – Another important part of your profile page, lots of employers based their decision in choosing the right contractor by just seeing your portfolio. Show off anything that is related to your job title, if you’re a Graphic Designers you might ought to show your previous designs; Writers can show their blogs or Articles written. As long as it can show your skills, post it.

Take some test – Aside from passing the Odesk Readiness test, taking and passing at least three more test in Odesk is highly recommended. Having at least four test passed raises your weekly limit to apply for jobs up to twenty. It you’re having trouble passing tests you might want to take a shot at easy ones first like Email Etiquette test. 

It’s free anyways and you can finish one test in less than 30 minutes. Also, if you feel confident enough to take some test related to your job title, that would be great. If you’re a Graphic Designer, you might want to take some Adobe software related test like Photoshop CS4/CS3 test. Aim to get at least on the top 20 to make your profile more stylish.

Set the right amount of Pay Rate – Even if you are the best among the rest, with a Hourly Pay Rate that’s too high, for sure you will get noticed but in a bad way. Always remember to set the right amount depending on your skill and capabilities. When you’re just starting, set your hourly rate to a lower amount than the competition but not too low.

Install the oDesk Team applications - Download the oDesk Team for Windows or oDesk Team for Mac or oDesk Team for Linux/Unix. The oDesk Team is a client application (must be installed in your workstation) that will capture and log the work that you do for your Buyers.  
It captures random screen shots every 10 minutes while you work and allows you to post work memos that will be uploaded to the oDesk server, which your Buyer will review when it’s time to approve your work log.  This is required for Hourly-paid jobs and optional for Fixed-priced jobs.

Set-up your payment account - Setup an online account where you can get paid by oDesk.  Paypal and Payoneer are among the most trusted and frequently used online payment facility.

Apply for jobs - Start applying for jobs!  Browse through the many jobs posted in oDesk and find something relevant to the skills.

Easy Steps On How To Get Started At oDesk

Getting started on oDesk as an online professional freelancer takes a significant investment in time and resources. there thousands od nline jobs available at oDesk and it is is a bona fide work at home site for people seeking legitimate online jobs as it offers freelancers a way to work at home no matter where you are in the world and earn a decent living. Signing up is totally FREE.

1. To get started with oDesk, you first need to register/signup for a free account.

a) Click “Create an Account” to sign up with Odesk on the upper right corner.

 b) Click “Freelance Contractor” button.

c) Fill out the form with all the required information.

d) Press "Post My Profile" button to post your Profile

2. Create your oDesk profile carefully. Write down exactly what skills you have.

3. Take the oDesk Readiness Test because until you pass the oDesk Readiness Test your ability to apply to jobs is greatly restricted.

4. Take other oDesk skills tests for free, like U.S. English Basic Skills Test, English Spelling Test (U.S. Version) etc. Tests that are relevant to your skills and experience. Passing any of the test can greatly improve your chances of getting hired.

5. After getting your first job your goal is to get 5.0 feedback out of 5.0 by providing quality work. Every time your contract is ended, your employer will give you a sort of evaluation and a written feedback of your work (as a contractor you can also give evaluation to your employer).

Steps For To Become a Successful oDesk Contractor

Take note of the following instructions, these will help you have a blossoming oDesk career as an online contractor or freelancer. It takes a significant amount of time to complete, so be sure to set aside a few hours to commit to these phase.

1. Take the oDesk Readiness Test. It is in this process that the system prompts you to download and install oDesk Team before continuing.

2. Complete the My Provider Profile including skills, work history, portfolio projects, education, and certifications.

3. Take a free online qualification test to increase chances of getting online jobs.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kroger Coupon Policy

We can only accept print-at-home coupons if they scan properly at checkout. Legitimate printable coupons are delivered using special software designed to print a properly rendered barcode on the coupon and limit the number of coupons printed.
We will generally not accept “FREE product” (no purchase required) print-at-home coupons. It is currently an imce_markerndustry practice not to produce print-at-home manufacturer’s coupons for free product.  Buy-on-get-one-free coupons and other values that have a purchase requirement are acceptable.
We will usually not accept coupons for more than about 75% of a product’s value. For example, a $2.00 off coupon will be acceptable for a product that normally sells for $5.00 or more.  But a $2.00 off printable coupon for a product that sells for $2.25 is unlikely to be legitimate.  If there are exceptions we are usually provide advance notice by the manufacturer.
Coupons will be rejected if they appear distorted or blurry, altered in any way, or are obvious duplicates. You should always print the coupon yourself directly from the website or email that is offering it.  Only then can you ensure you are printing a legitimate coupon. The coupon will never appear on your computer screen.  A legitimate coupon is never sent as a graphic or PDF or sent in a Word document.
Print-at-home coupons should never be copied, sold, or traded.  They should not ne photocopied or scanned and distributed to others.  They have unique serial numbers printed on them and follow an industry-standard format.  Coupons are never sold and you should not pay for someone’s “time to clip” or other service fee.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Benefits Of Home Based Job or Business

Undoubtedly, home-based business is the trend of the future aside from being prevalent today. Increasing number of men and women are now into home based jobs as indicated the government and industry report. Also, work at home entrepreneurs data is 4.12 million as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics mostly are in services industry.

Probably, the most widespread trend in our time is that of technological innovation.
The shift in career demands is largely caused by technology advancement that resulted to the modification of the working trend making use of the internet. Advancement and the convenience of the web has caused some jobs to be obsolete causing more people to be laid off, downsized, and unemployed.

People are now appreciating the benefits of working at home which give rise to online jobs, freelance provider and internet marketers. As the economy experienced deterioration coupled by lifestyle change of the digital age, home based jobs and home based businesses mushroomed. A huge number of people either Moms, Dads and others want to have careers without having to compromise families.

Moreover, opting out of the rat race, and the desire to have a proactive part in raising kids and the vast opportunity to earn more while enjoying freedom make work at home practical and feasible. You need not look farther than your kitchen, bedroom, den, living room, or garage to find the foundation on which to build your business enterprise. Here are nine reasons why it pays to work at home:

1. Gaining personal freedom. The opportunity to take control of your time is the most alluring aspect of considering a home based business. Having a business from the comfort of your home lets you design your schedule basing on your goals and environment. Knowing that you have no boss to consider with, the absence of corporate culture, and heavy work schedules to follow is another breath-taking advantage of working at home. Working from home’s disadvantage is  the freedom to work as you please. In this manner, a home business entrepreneur or a work at home wannabe needs to have an efficient time management skills and self discipline enough to push yourself to work and succeed.

2. Promising financial benefits. Working at home has an attractive monetary rewards too that corresponds or surpasses the traditional corporate careers. Home-based business saves you time from commuting, gasoline or transportation expenses, and even clothing expenses(corporate attires).  Work at home saves you rental expenses, and can significantly trim overhead costs. This gives an internet entrepreneur the convenience of ploughing your capital and profits back into the business. Home base jobs and business allow you to work on your desired income, wage increase is no longer dependent at the helm of your boss. Work at home opportunities create new income potentials to all gender particularly home-based moms, retired professional,students and school drop out.

3. Makes use of tax advantages. Having your business at your home gives plenty of tax benefits. You are allowed to deduct portion of the operating and depreciation expenses on your home. In other words, part of your rent or mortgage payment, depreciation, property taxes, insurance, utilities, and expenses for household maintenance, repairs, or improvements can be deducted. If you are using your vehicle for business, you can also deduct gas, insurance, depreciation and other expenses. It is better to hear from your accountant for a thorough assessment of what can be be deducted from using your home office.

4. Quality time with the family. What could be a more solid reason for others in trying out online business is to watch and take part in the nurturing of your kids and build a strong bond that connects family members. It grants family members to be associated in the business. Husbands and wives can work together for the progress of the business which provide children a hands on chance to see how things are done.

5. Lessens stress. Working at home lessens stress brought about from handling several tasks at once. Home based jobs let you care for a sick child, cook for dinner and opt to work late at night. There is no office politics and deadlines imposed by your boss. You just need to follow the deadlines and schedules to keep things on the right track.

6. Less likely to get sick. Getting sick once or twice a year is more likely to happen if you take a public transit for work. Working in the office makes you at risk of getting sick at the office, where if one person has a virus, it’s almost impossible not to get it. You are more likely to lose about 7-10 days per year on sick days, something that you’ll never encounter if you are working from home. This also makes you save money on health costs since you are not in need of medication or doctor visits as frequently.

7. Career and Personal growth. Home base business bestowed freedom for self growth and enrichment of your self with desired skills. Gone are the days of being labelled as a researcher, manager or accountant as you are free to learn and perform multiple interconnected tasks. You have the prerogative to vary your interests to fight boredom. You may add up your working time but the reward is your in-depth grasp in all elements of your business. Your personal growth  is significantly  enhanced as you learn what you can (and cannot do) as you’ll also be able to identify your goals and the means to realize it.

8. Increased productivity. Having the power to control your time, considering the time you saved from not having to commute to work. Cutting out half of the day chatting with co-workers as you are now working at home, you’ll have more things done in a day. As long as you remain motivated and driven, working from home is much more effective to deliver results.

9. Furnishes competitive advantages. Having a lower operating costs allows you to be more competitive, not only in your pricing but also in the delivery of high quality service to your clients. Home-based business provides you extra money you save on rent to increase your overall profitability, or you can pass it on to customers in the form of lower prices. Competitors restricted by higher overhead costs have no Such option is not available to competitors with higher overhead costs that restricts them. The higher the rent, the higher their prices. Moreover, a smaller business makes it easier to provide customers with personal service.

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