Saturday, March 26, 2011

Benefits Of Home Based Job or Business

Undoubtedly, home-based business is the trend of the future aside from being prevalent today. Increasing number of men and women are now into home based jobs as indicated the government and industry report. Also, work at home entrepreneurs data is 4.12 million as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics mostly are in services industry.

Probably, the most widespread trend in our time is that of technological innovation.
The shift in career demands is largely caused by technology advancement that resulted to the modification of the working trend making use of the internet. Advancement and the convenience of the web has caused some jobs to be obsolete causing more people to be laid off, downsized, and unemployed.

People are now appreciating the benefits of working at home which give rise to online jobs, freelance provider and internet marketers. As the economy experienced deterioration coupled by lifestyle change of the digital age, home based jobs and home based businesses mushroomed. A huge number of people either Moms, Dads and others want to have careers without having to compromise families.

Moreover, opting out of the rat race, and the desire to have a proactive part in raising kids and the vast opportunity to earn more while enjoying freedom make work at home practical and feasible. You need not look farther than your kitchen, bedroom, den, living room, or garage to find the foundation on which to build your business enterprise. Here are nine reasons why it pays to work at home:

1. Gaining personal freedom. The opportunity to take control of your time is the most alluring aspect of considering a home based business. Having a business from the comfort of your home lets you design your schedule basing on your goals and environment. Knowing that you have no boss to consider with, the absence of corporate culture, and heavy work schedules to follow is another breath-taking advantage of working at home. Working from home’s disadvantage is  the freedom to work as you please. In this manner, a home business entrepreneur or a work at home wannabe needs to have an efficient time management skills and self discipline enough to push yourself to work and succeed.

2. Promising financial benefits. Working at home has an attractive monetary rewards too that corresponds or surpasses the traditional corporate careers. Home-based business saves you time from commuting, gasoline or transportation expenses, and even clothing expenses(corporate attires).  Work at home saves you rental expenses, and can significantly trim overhead costs. This gives an internet entrepreneur the convenience of ploughing your capital and profits back into the business. Home base jobs and business allow you to work on your desired income, wage increase is no longer dependent at the helm of your boss. Work at home opportunities create new income potentials to all gender particularly home-based moms, retired professional,students and school drop out.

3. Makes use of tax advantages. Having your business at your home gives plenty of tax benefits. You are allowed to deduct portion of the operating and depreciation expenses on your home. In other words, part of your rent or mortgage payment, depreciation, property taxes, insurance, utilities, and expenses for household maintenance, repairs, or improvements can be deducted. If you are using your vehicle for business, you can also deduct gas, insurance, depreciation and other expenses. It is better to hear from your accountant for a thorough assessment of what can be be deducted from using your home office.

4. Quality time with the family. What could be a more solid reason for others in trying out online business is to watch and take part in the nurturing of your kids and build a strong bond that connects family members. It grants family members to be associated in the business. Husbands and wives can work together for the progress of the business which provide children a hands on chance to see how things are done.

5. Lessens stress. Working at home lessens stress brought about from handling several tasks at once. Home based jobs let you care for a sick child, cook for dinner and opt to work late at night. There is no office politics and deadlines imposed by your boss. You just need to follow the deadlines and schedules to keep things on the right track.

6. Less likely to get sick. Getting sick once or twice a year is more likely to happen if you take a public transit for work. Working in the office makes you at risk of getting sick at the office, where if one person has a virus, it’s almost impossible not to get it. You are more likely to lose about 7-10 days per year on sick days, something that you’ll never encounter if you are working from home. This also makes you save money on health costs since you are not in need of medication or doctor visits as frequently.

7. Career and Personal growth. Home base business bestowed freedom for self growth and enrichment of your self with desired skills. Gone are the days of being labelled as a researcher, manager or accountant as you are free to learn and perform multiple interconnected tasks. You have the prerogative to vary your interests to fight boredom. You may add up your working time but the reward is your in-depth grasp in all elements of your business. Your personal growth  is significantly  enhanced as you learn what you can (and cannot do) as you’ll also be able to identify your goals and the means to realize it.

8. Increased productivity. Having the power to control your time, considering the time you saved from not having to commute to work. Cutting out half of the day chatting with co-workers as you are now working at home, you’ll have more things done in a day. As long as you remain motivated and driven, working from home is much more effective to deliver results.

9. Furnishes competitive advantages. Having a lower operating costs allows you to be more competitive, not only in your pricing but also in the delivery of high quality service to your clients. Home-based business provides you extra money you save on rent to increase your overall profitability, or you can pass it on to customers in the form of lower prices. Competitors restricted by higher overhead costs have no Such option is not available to competitors with higher overhead costs that restricts them. The higher the rent, the higher their prices. Moreover, a smaller business makes it easier to provide customers with personal service.

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