Friday, January 7, 2011

Philippine Science High School Entrance Exam Result 2011

I know there are thousands of Pisay examinees out there who are excitingly awaiting the entrance examination result of Philippine Science High School. Wooh! Just very recently  Secretary MARIO G. MONTEJO of the Department of Science and Technology and Chair of the Philippine Science High School System Board of Trustees announces the names of the successful qualifiers to the PSHSS Search for Scholars for 2011

Of the 20,233 applicants, there are only 1,114 examinees who successfully hurdled the one-step screening administered on November 6, 2010. The qualifiers have toIMMEDIATELY contact the Registrar or the Campus Director of the PSHS Campus where they are qualified to enroll in, or visit the following websites: or, for more information on early enrolment. Last day for pre-enrolment of principal qualifiers is on February 10, 2011

You can download Philippine Science Entance Examination result here. The list below contains the name of successful examinees from Cagayan de Oro City including my daughter Casssandra Isabel Soriano. Congratulations to all of you!

Badilla, Ian Oliver            - Liceo De Cagayan University
Bebelone, John Elmar      - Rosevale School
Chan, Michael Peter        - Abbas Orchard
Dael, Celine Mae             - Montessori De Oro
De Jesus, Gabriel Luis      - Abbas Orchard
Donasco, Mareal Jan        - Saint Ignatius Learning Center
Escobido, Faye                 - Rosevale School
Fernandez, Ann Rose        - Montessori De Oro
Figura, Ela Marie              - Saint Mary's School
Fosgate, Giles Chiandave  - Corpus Christi School
Gordiel, Kai Rainer           - Abbas Orchard
Grepaldeo, Ray Gabrielle  - Oro Christian Grace School
Heruela, Alyssa Nyn         - Corpus Christi Grade School
Libot, Guia Marlon            - Rosevale School
Lim Lo Suy, Bryan            - Oro Christian Grace School
Magsayo, Lawrence Jay    - City Central School
Malalis, Royce Val            - City Central School
Mercado, Frances Diane    - St. Mary's School
Mercado, Juan Santiago     - St. Mary's School
Molo, Hazel Grace             - Liceo De Cagayan University
Nagatalon, Iona                  - Xavier University Grade School
Ocaya, Isabelle Danielle      - Suntingon Elementary School
Pahuyo, Carl Edward          - City Central School
Ponce, Keith Lorenz           - Montessori De Oro
Principe, Rene                    - Kauswagan Central School
Salvador, Adriana Marie     - Xavier University Grade School
Sebastian, Thomas Arsenio - Corpus Christi Grade School
Sia, Sean Benedict              - Oro Christian Grace School
Soriano, Cassandra Isabel Anches - Agusan Elementary School
Tan, Lyca Joie                     - St. Mary's School
Tomolin, Jewel                     - St. Mary's School
Vallejos, Mikha Ella             - St. Mary's School

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