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Comprehensive Rite Aid Store Guide

Are You Unfamiliar to Rite Aid Shopping?

Snagging sweet deals and locking onto great freebies resulting from numerous FREE after Single Check rebate items makes Rite Aid an amazing shopping store! Lend me a little of your time as I am introducing you to my simple Beginners Guide aimed at keeping you on the right path to becoming a great Rite Aid shopper!

Beginner’s Guide to Rite Aid Shopping:

Single Check Rebates (SCR)

Rite Aid boasts of a very user-friendly Single Check Rebate program! It is primarily buying some participating Single Check Rebate items, then you have to submit your receipts online and receive a check in the mail! Subsequently, these rebates will let you reap items for FREE and sometimes, you can make money! Yes that's right, you can make money by making a purchase on some items!
If you haven't sign up for this program and wants to be part of it, you’ll first have to go here and register. Each month, all on going Single Rebate items are listed in a new in-store rebate booklet which is released every month.You can go here and browse through the rebate offers online. Do not forget to consider that some Single Check Rebates are valid for a week only, while some are offered for the entire month. So be sure to watch for the dates closely for each participating Single Check Rebate item.
As you go through the weekly ad, you’ll be able to see advertised Single Check Rebate items. Mostly items will have a limit of one, but there are a few that will have a limit of two or sometimes five, if you get lucky! A good number of Single Check Rebate items end up being FREE once you get a rebate. Here's an example, if an item is $2.99 and qualifies for a $2.99 Single Check Rebate, then after you have gotten the rebate it is as good as FREE! A better option is using a manufacturer coupon, in addition to the rebate, this will make you score a money maker deal!
While you regularly buy every month, you better save your receipts and enter them online all at once at the end of the rebate program period which falls in the end of each month in most cases.You can also enter your individual receipts each time you make a purchase throughout the month, the option is yours. The number of receipts to enter is limitless.In my case, I use this option as there is lesser chances of losing receipts or forgetting to enter it. You can request your rebate by clicking the Request Rebate button at the end of the month. However, Do NOT click this button if you plan to purchase more are Single Check Rebate items before the end period of each rebate program as Rite Aid ONLY allows one submission per household.
Upon submission of your receipts online, it oftentimes takes a week or less before the rebate items are entered into your account. If you encounter any problems, call the Rite Aid Single Check Rebate Customer Care number for assistance: 1-888-213-9920 (8 AM – 7PM EST) or you can use the contact help form here.

Rite Aid Store Coupons

* Store coupons are located in Rite Aid’s weekly ad, and these store coupons can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for even more savings.
* Rite Aid offers a Video Values Program. Basically, you spend a few seconds or minutes watching various video advertisements – and, for doing so, you earn video credits. These credits can then be used to print Rite Aid coupons! Once you earn 20 video credits, you’ll get a bonus $5 off $20 in-store purchase couponNote:This offer is not available every month. Video Values coupons can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for even more savings! Go here to check out the Video Values Program.
* Rite Aid also has a Total Purchase Coupons program! You can sometimes find these coupons and! Total Purchase Coupons are awesome because you can use them prior to using any manufacturer coupons and/or store coupons AND you can use them to purchase Single Check Rebate items! By handing over Total Purchase Coupons first, you can easily score lots of FREE items and make quite a bit of money too (especially if you’re purchasing FREE after Single Check Rebate items)!

Rite Aid Wellness Program

To be one of the great Rite Aid shoppers, you'd certainly want to join the free Rite Aid Wellness program. As a Wellness member, you can earn great money-savings rewards including:
* Member-only pricing – Click here to view the current Wellness offers.
* 10% off Rite Aid Brand products every day – You must present your Wellness card at checkout to receive this discount.
* 24/7 access to a pharmacist – Just call 1-800-RITEAID.
* Earn one point for every dollar you spend on non-prescription purchases – Excluded are: cigarettes, alcohol, gift cards, online purchases, lottery tickets, licenses, money orders, money transfers, prepaid cards, stamps, and other mail services
* Earn 25 points for every prescription you purchase - Prescriptions filled in NY/NJ are not eligible.
And the more points you earn, the more rewards you get…
* Every 125 points – a one-time 10% off shopping pass
* 500 points – 10% off on all non-prescription points purchases everyday
* 500 points – free health screenings (Members will receive a certificate good for one free blood glucose and total cholesterol health screening at Quest Diagnostics or an equivalent service.)
* 1,000 points – 20% off on all non-prescription points purchases every day

+UP Rewards Program

One of the biggest perks of being a Rite Aid Wellness member is the fact that you can take advantage of the+Up Rewards Program. The +UP Reward program is an incentive program that allows manufacturers to provide a +UP Reward to consumers for buying a specific product and/or specific number of products. Each week, different items, which generate a +UP Reward, are advertised in the store circular. (This program is very similar to the Walgreens Register Reward program.) An +UP Reward is a coupon or a number of coupons that print at the bottom of your receipt and can be used on your NEXT purchase. Each advertised +UP Reward is limited to one per Wellness card (unless otherwise stated). Keep in mind that you MUST give the cashier your Wellness card or the phone number, associated with your Wellness card, prior to the items being scanned in order to be eligible for the +UP Reward(s). And here’s the best part: There is no limit to the number of +Up Rewards redeemed in a single transaction as long as the pretax total is greater than the combined value of the +UP Rewards. For easy understanding, it’s best to think of these rewards as gift cards with two exceptions: (1) You cannot leave a balance on +UP Rewards and (2) You cannot use +UP Rewards to purchase items less than the value of the +UP Reward.

Rite Aid Corporate Coupon Policy

The Rite Aid Coupon Policy is carefully written to be very detailed and informative as possible! It is highly recommended that you print a copy of this policy and bring it with you when you shop. If issues arise, the Coupon Policy will certainly help clear things up!

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