Wednesday, January 12, 2011

9 Proven Tips On How To Write A Spell-Binding Blog

Today, blogs, or web logs, are one of the leading means of mass communication. If you want to get your ideas across to everyone and want an effective medium for your business to have product advertisement for free, then you might want to consider writing a blog. Writing a spell-binding blog means creating a great blog content. If done correctly, blog will dramatically help you in driving much needed traffic to your site. I have listed 9 proven tips on how to write a blog with which readers or consumers would love to read.

1. Write
When you write your blog start by writing with high regard of your reader, feel them by putting  
yourself in their shoes. A reader often looks for information that can easily read and understand.
2. Valuable and Worthwhile
Modern day life demands time that people has no time to spare for a boring blog site. Try to think of information that could stir the interest of the readers. You can do interview or write about a book. Do post
valuable blog content that can help people.

3. Proofread
Proofreading your blog material before posting it on your blog site is of high importance. Readers in 
most cases trust a blog that is well written. Posting a blog needs dedication for keeping your site error 
free and a readable blog signifies your respect to your readers too.
4. Short and Simple
Keeping your post short and concise is a must. Consider the majority to be like scanners. Highlight 
your point quickly or you'll risk to lose the interest of your readers quickly too.
5. Lively
Okey, when you write try to imagine like you're talking to your friend or family. Relax and be cool. This
will make your readers feel comfortable and be within your league. Talking to a friend means putting on
a lively conversation. Just don't forget to emphasize your point quickly.

6. Links
Never to forget to use links very often. Putting in links will help establish your credibility as an expert to 
the subject. One very feasible thing to do is by creating a network by linking to other blog relevant to 
yours. Establishing credibility and a good image to your readers and to other bloggers are essentially an
important tool too in making it big in the blogosphere. Not to mention, the "thank you" notes from other 
bloggers you linked with.
7. Keywords
Keywords play an active role too. When writing a blog you got to use your keywords frequently as it
will allow you to perform your task in giving relevant informations that the readers are looking for and 
the search engines will certainly love it! The more number of keywords you use, the higher will be your 
rankings on the search engine that your blog will appear. Remember, majority are spending a huge  
amount just to be at the top!
8. Write Clear
One key to writing a great blog is by writing the blog in a way that even the lowly person on earth can
understand. Don't you ever try to put in complicated ideas in a sentence. This will certainly confuse 
your readers. Make use of commas as often as possible this will help your writing clearer to the 
9. Headline
Writing a spell-binding blog rely hugely on your headline. Readers won't waste a second in clicking 
your blog if your headline is of no interest to them. See to it that your headline is understandable, 
contains keywords relevant to your blog and powerful enough to make readers click on it!

If you follow these 9 proven tips in writing blog that readers love to read, in no time, you will have a spell-binding blog written with a huge number of readers.

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